We care about your privacy

That's why we are transparent about the data you agree to give us. We collect the minimum of data required to provide you with a great experience learning through spaced repetition. Here is the data we collect:

  • Your email address -- to log you in, to help reset your password, and to send you important updates about Daily Vocab.

  • Optionally, your first and last name -- if you are using this app as part of an academic course, your first and last name help your instructor to identify you.

  • Quiz performance -- because of the nature of a spaced repetition quiz, we keep track of the number of times in a row that you get each question right, as well as the time when you last got it right. We also keep track of related information about your performance such as the number of times you have answered each question and the total number of times you have gotten each question right. Similarly, we keep track of any achievements you have earned. This information allows you and your instructor (if you have one) to monitor your progress.

  • Settings -- to give you an individualized experience, we keep track of your settings such as which chapters of a quiz you have enabled and which individual questions you have suppressed, as well as any other customizations you have chosen.

  • Quizzes -- If you create your own quizzes, we keep track of those quizzes, including the questions and valid answers that you provide. If you are an instructor, we keep track of the courses that you teach. If you are a student and suggest improvements to your course quizzes, those are also recorded in the database so that your instructor can act on your suggestions. You may choose to share the quizzes you create with other users. After other users begin using the quiz you have shared, it may not be possible to unshare your quiz.

  • Course enrollments -- If you are a student enrolled in courses which use Daily Vocab, your enrollment in those courses is recorded in our database.

  • Anonymous aggregated data about correct and incorrect answers that users give for each question. This information is shared with your instructors, if you have any, to improve quizzes.

  • Your IP address -- the Daily Vocab server logs the IP address of your computer or device. These logs help us investigate and debug problems. We do not use this data for any other purpose, and all such logs are automatically deleted within five weeks.

If you are using Daily Vocab as part of an academic course, your instructor can see that part of your data associated with your course so they can see your progress and evaluate your participation. Otherwise, we do not share your data with anyone.

That's it! You can delete your account at any time. For students and independent users, deleting your account immediately purges all your personal data from our database. Any remaining backups and logs containing your personal data will automatically be purged within five weeks. Even if you do not delete your account, we will completely purge it from our systems after being inactive for 30 months.

If you use Daily Vocab as a course instructor and wish to delete your quizzes and courses, or if you have any other questions, please contact us at help@dailyvocab.ca, and we will assist you.